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Bill of Rites for the American Man - Signed Gift Edition

Bill of Rites for the American Man - Signed Gift Edition

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If you've ever met Mr. Ray, you'll concede that he is exceedingly well-mannered and gracious, in a preppy Southern gentleman kind of way. Just as his book is an engaging read. It's chatty, it's short and sweet, and it's cool enough that your teenager may secretly devour it. The Wall Street Journal

Ten Articles that Pull A Man Out of the Cave, Make a Love Interest Take Extra Notice and the Boss Feel Compelled to Promote Him. Or at Least Not Fire Him. Most of these guide lines can be considered situational for everyday use but always when we are in black-tie or at a business event. This isn’t to say that manners should be reserved for fancy and formal occasions. Everyday manners are the goal, but extra attention is paid to special events where the use of such is easier to illustrate for our purposes and crucial to execute when we are out on the town. Just as we want our dinner suit to be clean, pressed and ready for use when we need it, so too should our confident grasp of the ways of the civilized world. Unfortunately, old-fashioned etiquette books are woefully dense with detail and many people, but particularly men, put them aside as not relevant to their lives. Understandable but not insoluble. SP has delved deeply into these tomes and come away with an edited, updated and completely accessible set of guidelines that fit neatly into the modern American man’s life. Stripped, pruned, updated and polished for your consideration, consider this a list of articles to the original declarations, a Bill of Rites, as it were.

Paperback navy with gold foil. 6" x 9"