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20 Jun '17


Posted by K. Cooper Ray

Kicking off the summer book tour for Last Night at Moomba: Beach Club Edition at Noddy Charleston. Come see me and this incredible shop. I'll be signing, gossiping and who knows, maybe break out into a song!

Noddy Charleston

86 Queen Street, Charleston, SC 29401

Friday, June 23rd from 6-9 PM

Last Night at Moomba

5 STARS! A Raucous Ride Through The Underbelly of NYC's Social Scene in the '90's Through The Eyes of A Society Columnist

ByAmazon Customeron April 2, 2017

Last Night at Moomba chronicles the life of Judge Mender, a southern writer from Alabama who has landed a job as a Jet Set the society magazine in this fictional store set in Manhattan in the 1990s. Judge quickly rises to iconic status as the societal commentator who can make or break the a prominent lady’s social status. He is invited to all the events by the party throwers who are hoping for a positive piece on their event in his column. A positive mention by Judge could propel an aspiring nobody into the inner circle over night.

The book opens with Judge waking up after one such event to the aftermath of a menage a trois that apparently occurred the night before. The other male participant, he noticed was still in his apartment hoping for as second, or third, or fourth (who really knows) go round with him. But Judge has to dash off to work hungover and hurting to get his review of the previous evening’s revelry to his editor. Well, the public parts at least.
The err… afterparty will not be mentioned. At least, not by Judge.

Judge is basically a bon vivant with a charming way about him (sound familiar?) but he quickly becomes sucked into to life in the big city and all of the backstabbing that happens in the highest of social circles.

I fell in love with Scarlett, the southern girl who is very “country come to city” as we say and began rooting for her. I’ll only say that she goes on a wild journey trying to elbow her way to the top with the sweetest southern smile. Her ride was not as wild as Judge’s journey, but you will likely find yourself rooting for both characters.

As the story moves on, I was impressed by KCR’s knowledge of… well everything. The details of Manhattan, the details of event planning, the details of the designer labels, the expected etiquette, visual arts, you name it, KCR is an expert and I hung on every word. I highly recommend this book, it's a perfect companion to a fruity drink with an umbrella under your own beach umbrella. You won't be disappointed.


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