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20 Apr '16


Posted by K. Cooper Ray

I announced last year that I was suspending the bow tie business. The work was exhausting and had taken me far away from the thing I enjoy most, and that is designing. Well, a year has passed, but  the desire to create interesting bows has not been on hiatus. I’ve found myself collecting fabrics, tinkering with patterns and simply realized that I am not done with bow ties. This spring I opened my annual pop up shop inside The Hidden Countship an Italian boutique for fine living operated by my friends Count and Countess della Porta. They are lovely people with exquisite taste and have provided a remarkable inspiring little spot in downtown Charleston to work. I have my sewing machine upstairs and have found myself staying very late at night hunched over the contraption.

I am not a good sewing person. I can run the machine and make something come to life, but in my previous incarnations as a designer I always handed off the real work of sewing to the masters. I am not taking that route this time. I am sewing up these bows myself and since I do not suffer from nostalgia, I am selling them off. I’m calling this the Burns Lane Collection as I have been very inspired here at the Countship and have a collection of fabrics I would like to play with.  I am starting with this incredible printed Crewell I bought a while back intending to use it for a blazer collection that never came to fruition. The name of the print is Carolina Crewell. Need I say more? I am excited to share this new project with you. I will begin with various combinations of the Crewell, and I will certainly dally in white cotton pique for formal and informal ties. This time the play should be fun.


Play is a good word for the finished product, if you can call it finished, because it is not perfect. It is in fact far from it. You can see that I do not sew a straight line.  An apt metaphor for my life and style perhaps, but not particularly appreciated in a bow tie. But I think they are interesting and thought some of you would too. Since I have no idea what to charge for these crooked little creations, I have decided to list them on Ebay  and let you decide what it is worth.


I will say the pieces in this collection will certainly be one-of-a-kind. Ha. And they do have the Social Primer label. They are one size, no hardware. This first one is a small. Small will fit 14-16” neck size. I will make more soon. Medium will fit 15-16.5”. Large will fit 15.5 to 17”.

BID HERE Stay tuned.