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SP & JP Crickets Smoking Slipper

Here at SP we are long time fans of velvet slippers. Whether in black tie or blue jeans we wholeheartedly approve and embrace the notion of fancy feet. As our famous bow ties give just the right amount of zing to your neck, velvet slippers are for feet what bow ties are for necks: the chance for a modest man to show off a little dash of dandy. And most importantly, allows a man to be daring  without being a clown.

We are proud to announce our latest collaboration with JP Crickets, the purveyor of those amazing collegiate slippers found on University men and women in the well-dressed campuses. We took our chanticleer mascot found on our ties and whipped him up in gold to pair with red and blue velvet, calf leather lined inside and all leather sole with a 3/4 inch heel. Made in Italy by Atlanta-based JP Crickets, these are super quality at a respectable price of $365.00

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