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SPring is in the stores, if not yet in the air.

Red paisley on silk seersucker reverses into navy major stripe

You’ve got your deer season, your duck season and your deb season. You’ve got your oyster season, wedding season, your racing season and your truffle season. And yes, you’ve got your bow tie season. Unofficially kicking off Easter Sunday, bow ties take flight when the weather turns warm. Yes, we wear them at fall tailgate parties and on through Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, but it is spring that brings the color and color is what wearing a bow tie is really all about. That and a devil-may-care, GTH attitude telegraphed from beneath your chin before you even open your mouth.

For the second season (and the first Spring/Summer) of the new solo collection available outside of Brooks Brothers, SP has thrown away the rule book and thrown down the gauntlet. SPring is blowing up with color. And not just any color mind you, exceptional, unexpected, eccentric color. Since opening the SP HQ on the peninsula in historic Charleston, South Carolina SP has been bitten by the mosquito muse. The climate, the ocean, the palmettos, the oysters, the sea grass and most of all, the dandies have all combined to make one extraordinary impression. And we are deeply smitten. What does all this mean to a bow tie collection? It means we’ve taken all this impossible to ignore stimulation and channeled it through the finest silk available. It means we’ve attempted to capture the essence of the Holy City in the ether and present it to you. It means that at the height of the bow tie revolution — and with all the competition from seemingly anyone with access to a sewing machine — SP felt compelled to raise the bar and set the standard. We could not be more pleased or more proud to present to you the Spring/Summer 2013 collection of bow ties and long ties from Charleston with a raised glass of fine bourbon.

So whether you wear your bow raising a few on the infield at the Cup or sitting respectfully in the front pew on Sunday morning (or in most cases, both), SP is the go-to bow.  Because one SP bow tie can be worn at least 8 different ways, you won’t be accused of sleeping in your clothes (or of not going home or to bed, whichever the case may be). The trademarked brass D-Ring makes every SP bow not only reversible but versatile. You can combine any two SP bows and make your own statement. The collection is designed as a whole. Every color goes with every color. The wilder the better.

Inspired & designed in Charleston. Made in America.

Available from Founding Father retailers for pre-order now.



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  1. Maine Dandy March 20, 2013 Reply

    Why aren’t you posting the entire Spring 2013 line on this site? I’ve already purchased a Saint Philip’s Sundays and a Straw Boater from a retailer, but as yet haven’t seen the entire offering. It’s not as if the Bow Ties will come as a big surprise around Easter. Thanks.

    You may see the entire collection here

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